WOW. Just...just wow. Does this really seem like a good idea? Hand-held bombermaners everywhere should stay away.

User Rating: 2 | Classic NES Series: Bomberman GBA
Just because a Game was freaking awsome 20 years ago doesn't mean it's just as good now. This whole concept of the NES classics is to take all the foundation we've been building upon and return to scratch. I have nothing wrong with revisiting the classics, but I do have a problem with re-visiting only one at a time... especially this one. Where do I begin? Bomberman is a cool game. It really is. It is today. even back then, I really didn't enjoy it. I never had more fun playing games then when I was with my friends, and that was stripped from me here. I thought that upon re-release they would fix that... I should've checked my forhead that day. It really is painful to play a bomberman game that doesnt feel like a bomberman game, and that's just what this is. The price is also an issue for me. Maybe if we got two NES Classics at a time, I would understand. Hell, if two re-vamped final fantasies can fit on that little cartridge, why the heck can't two or three of these 8-bit 20 year old games work too? Being a wallet-sucker is not something Nintendo is famous for, but pulling stunts like this certainly hurts my opinion of the company. This game is not worth 10... maybe not even 7. Unless you find it for 5, forget it. Instead of wasting time re-releasing these one at a time, why not re-release enhanced versions that keep up with the times? The old NES feel is nice and all, and I would love to do that, but to aviod feeling cheated with having to buy one at a time, some re-vamped graphics would be nice. Too late now, I know, and thats why I say stay away. Bottom Line? Almost the entire series isn't worth it. Bomberman just happens to be the worst. Legend of Zelda and Castlevania are the only ones worth getting, and until these things become 5 bucks a pop, don't even bother, not even for nostigalia sake. Download them on to your comp if you really feel a need to return to the past. As long as you have your NES cartridges still, it isn't illegal. I forced myself to play this for 20-40 hours for you people. It doesn't sound so bad, but trust me, it was. Don't believe me? I dare you- try it. The newer bombermans will flash through your head and you'll miss all your friends being alongside you like I did.