BOKTAI!!!!!! it cost me 5 bucks but i would have payed so much more i think it is so much better than HALO and all other

User Rating: 10 | Boktai: The Sun Is in Your Hand GBA
well where do i start it has a suprisingly good story i love the gun it sucks they took out the frames in 2 but yeah boktai is quite a long game if you go to the azure sky tower and get all gun parts yeah ipromise you i have lent it to 4 of my friends and they all end up buying it ...before i boght it i was not in to real time games i liked the whole golden sun final fantasy selecting atck thing but not any more this game turned my whole perspective aroundi still cant get over not buying it earlyer when i saw it but yeah action is good in the begining they make things a little predictable but man does this game have character developement....its better than fireemblem!!!!! any day
those who complain of goin out in the sun are freakin albinos im from mexico dog!!!!!!!