Body Harvest Cheats For Nintendo 64

  1. Cheat Codes

    Enter your name as ICHEAT and use these codes during gameplay:

    Effect Effect
    press A, Right, Down C, Right C, Up C, A, Left Access All Weapons
    press Up, Down C, Right C, Z, Up, Left All Artifacts
    press Down, Up, C-up, Down, C-right, C-right Dundee cheat
    press C-left, C-right, A, C-down, C-right and then Left Evil Black Suit
    press A, C-up, C-up, up, left Extra Smart-Bomb
    press Left, A, Right, Down Fat Legs
    Down-C, Up, Z, Z, Up, Down-C, Right-C Generates Alpha Power-up
    press bottom-C, top-C, Up, Z, Z, Left, and right-C Increase Weapon Power
    press B, Left, C-right, C-right, Down Kill Adam (main character)
    press Down, Up, C-up, Down, C-right, C-right Make Adam dance
    press c-down, up, Z, Z, c-right, right Mutant Alien
    press down, up, right, A, B, left, C-right Restore Health
    press Down, C-left, A, Right, Z Short Fat Adam
    press C-down, up, right, right, C-right, A, left Surreal Mode
    press B, A, C-up, A, C-up, A Tall and Lanky Adam
    press Z, C-right, C-right, B, left, C-right Weak Bosses

    Contributed by: KasketDarkfyre, Pyro Vesten, flowerpot, JChamberlin, freakunique, ElementalKnight, Ben Zetlitz 

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