Mario Kart On Steroids

User Rating: 10 | Blur X360
I was completley taken away by how fun and exhilarating this game is! Never before have i seen a game where a ford gt is firing purple missles at hummers per se but it is really fun to play in general. i especially enjoy the destruction events where you are firing purple missles at hummers and other AI in a given amount of time and adding time with each wreck! also, youre dodging mines and shunts in the process, so a lot of high-octane thrills there. the races are also a thrill as well; with 10-15-ish AI on the track firing powerup after powerup and fighting dirty (shunts, missles, barges, etc.) and it's a destructive fight to the finish. the boss battles are also a prime example of where fighting dirty to win the boss's car (after you unlock their one-on-one after meeting certain demands such as barging a certain number of cars for example) knows no bounds as it does create a satisfying feeling knowing you're tearing up the track with someone else's car. so definitely a win for this one! very unique as well in terms of putting actual licensed cars in a mario-kart like situation! definite win!