Blue stinger weee!!!!! NOt... but owell

User Rating: 5.2 | Blue Stinger DC
This game I loved when I first played it a while back and I realy got into it but then after a while it started to get boring now I've tryed playing it but not that long but I'll try again later on. Anyways It is a very uniqe game. You are on vacation and suddenly a rift comes and wipes everything out including the boat that he was on. His freind dies and he climbs to shore for shelter. Soon after getting there he comes in contact with a pretty girl and she tries to help you. You walk passed alot of dead bodies and pick up some security cards to get you into diffrent places. You meet dogs the captain of a ship and he is armed with a crossbow and then that girl snipes off a alien hundereds of yards away and saves them. The were then amazed at her ability to shoot at that distance. Then he is walking around the facility and find a handgun and through the game he gets coins from killing enemies depending on what kind and how tough it is. Then he may purchas new weapons and items that he must use to surivive. He can purchuse ammo to because you do not get that much ammo on the game so you may have to use your fist alot of the time. Like I said it was good at the time a played it but over the years it got worse and worse to where it's not much of a game anymore. You would most likely be better off going without this one but check out some other good dreamcast games. But there's not much around anyways since they diden't continue the work of the dreamcast that many paid around $200-$300 dollars for.

Trust me, Go with another game.....