A simplified version of The Ship that cost's only 5 bucks. Also taking place within movie sets instead of cruises.

User Rating: 9 | Bloody Good Time PC
First off, what I mean by simplified is that you can not buy clothing and for that matter, you can't buy anything. Two things that greatly change things are that the guards, who stand in one spot in the first game, actually walk around the map. But the penalization for getting caught has been quite a bit less severe. Prison doesn't exist anymore and when you do get caught you get tazed and you lose the weapon that you were caught with. The other difference is you no longer need to identify characters, everything is preset. There can be more than one of the exact same models on screen at once, which can get slightly confusing at times but the name of the person you have to hunt is right above their head. The game's pace is feels a bit faster than The Ship's. But overall for 5 bucks this is an excellent deal and if your looking for several hours worth of fun with friends. There is no single player campaign this time, but for 5 bucks this is more than enough content. In a time where map pack cost's 15 bucks for similar maps [I'll try to avoid mentions names *COUGH* MW2 *COUGH*] but for one third of that this is an excellent deal. There are 3 maps right now which each have interesting settings; Casino, Horror House, and Beach. For new-comers, the main mode revolves around you being assigned to kill someone while maintaining things such as sleep. using the bathroom, and eating. You get penalized for being caught by guards, killing the wrong player, and procrastinating on your assignment. Things that increase difficulty is if you don't do things such as eating until the verge of the round, chances are you will not succeed. Other modes include; death-match, elimination, and revenge. If you haven't played The Ship yet and you enjoy this I would advise you to get The Ship. The downside to The Ship is that not enough people play. But hopefully this will get people playing again. I stopped playing The Ship for a while actually and this got me to start playing again.