A Heavily Flawed Game

User Rating: 4.5 | BloodRayne GC
Bloodrayne is one of those games, that actually sounded like it would be fun. But it really doesn't amount to much more than a repetitive third person game.

Now I know that I'm playing a game that came out 2002 in 2008, but overall the graphics are putrid. The Gamecube, is a powerful little system, and this game doesn't even take advantage of it horsepower. The graphics engine is horrible. Bland muddy textures, blocky character models, copius fog. I mean come on, I'm not a graphics whore but i hate when games like this has bad graphics. The Gamecube established its self as system that has graphic horsepower, and this game looks pitful. The enviroments are maze like, and uses like a stated above copius amounts of fog to hide pop up, which it fails at.

Bloodrayne is a chore to play, thanks to half assed controls. I just loved how the controls were just thrown on to the Gamecube pad. The button layout is confusing, and just plain wrong. Now the Gamecube pad is a bit strange, but that doesn't mean that the controls should be just the same. The overall gameplay elements are flawed with retarted combat. Rayne uses guns in addition to her fists, but aiming the guns feels robotic as well as the melee combat. The years of the PS1 are gone, so is the robotic feel to gameplay, so why does Bloodrayne have this aspect?

The effects and music have defenitely been compressed down for the Cube. But still it sounds pretty good, not vouching for the horrible music and sub par voice acting. The voice acting in the game is bad, not Resident Evil bad but pretty close. Nobody has emotion in their voices, which for Rayne is understandable.

Overall Bloodrayne looks and plays like it was meant to be a budget title. Its not horrible, but its not good either.