Didnt think much of this game from the time I put it in the PS2

User Rating: 5 | BloodRayne PS2
Ok I didnt play this game for very long so this will be a short review which is new for me being I like to explain things as I find them, if you dont agree with this then thats fair enough this is my own personal opinion please do not message me flaming me or cussing me out.

For the time this game was made the graphics are pretty good, but the camera angles on the game did give me a little bit of a headache which means I couldnt play it for long even it was an excellent game.

The controls were easy to get the hang of but the problem I had was, the movements were either way too touch sensitive or they were too slow for my liking. So when attacking an enemy I would find it way too slow and lost most of my health trying to kill it, and then when trying to cross the phone lines it was way too touch sensitive and I would fall off into the water losing my health and dying yet again.

From what I picked up on this game the story line would of been a good one if I could of followed it through to the end, but with the lack of movement in places and too much in some led me to turn the game off. Maybe I will give it another go in the future