Ehhh, don't get too excited.

User Rating: 6.5 | BloodRayne XBOX
Placing a mildly "hot" chick wearing provocative outfits it's already targeting the dushies, but over-passing this poor choice from a bad movie, this game is extremely easy, until you get to the last boss fight. Really this game is easy, you pretty much can have a very effortless time with this game. The last boss fight it's a different story, it took me quite a few tries to finalize this game, but I'll have to partially blame myself for getting to the last boss fight with a few weapons since he wont take damage from your blade attacks, at least the first portion of the boss fight, that are two bosses fighting each other... of f, yes it's a little bit too much.

The gameplay it's really the problem of this title, there's just something off while controlling Rayne. The jumping is quite awkward and hard to see where you'll be landing, but you get used to that. The graphics are quite bland too. It's quite entertaining at some points but I found myself bored and I'm quite an easy going guy considering rating games.

The rundown is pretty much, buy it if you find this cheap, like less than $3 since it's an old XBOX title that's what you'll be playing.