BloodRayne: Drink it up.

User Rating: 8 | BloodRayne PC
I found that this game was actually better than I had originally anticipated. The plot line may have needed a little bit more tweaks, but it was still nonetheless an interesting vampiric tale to follow.

The game provides you with a nice little arsenal of weapons to find along the way of your quest as well as some sharp blades and slick moves to either completely demolish your opponents or just flat out seductively suck them dry as you unleash fear into the hearts of the Nazis. There is plenty of killing but may have needed a little more blood and gore to go along with the flying apendages that you tend to hack off.

All together, after playing the game I can say that it was very fun and also holds a good addiction over you for awhile. With difficulty settings and a promise of blood thirsty hunting, this is a must have for any avid vampire fanatic.