an okay game but doesn't completely follow the movie. some good points and bad points.

User Rating: 8 | BloodRayne XBOX
Bloodrayne is a pretty good game. The graphics aren't that bad. Most games that stem out of movies are pretty bad. Bloodrayne actually is very good even by itself. It doesn't completely follow the movie. Certain parts follow the movie and others don't. The game starts out kind of slow and does a semi-good job at teaching you everything. I feel the game lacks in the way weapons are set up. Switching between different weapons isn't that easy. And when you are holding onto certain types of weapons you can't always get more ammo if an enemy drops the same weapon. I found that to be quite frustrating. The further into the game you get there are a lot of parts that can be frustrating or hard to figure out because exits or people of interest are hard to find. Finding a good walkthrough online can help you to navigate some of these areas. One other issue I had was the camera angle. I found it annoying and hard sometimes since you can not have the camera fixed or always centered. The game play and enemies are really great. Enemies vary and can be very interesting. I would look for this game in the bargin bin. I wouldn't pay more than 10 bucks for it. It is kind of a short game.