Not as bad as I thought it would be... considering the review.

User Rating: 7 | BloodRayne PC
Gameplay: It plays well.. which basically means its pretty easy to fact the game is VERY EASY.. and just a time killer in reality.. the only challenging part is the end boss.. but even then a few tries and you'll be able to get it.. I give it a 7 since its easy to pick up and just play.. Graphics: decent.. but not "great" so a solid 6.. but the in-game cinematics are very good so it kicks it up to a barely 7... Sound: The music and sound effects are okay.. nothing "special". I would give it a 5.. since I wouldn't call it decent.

Value: poor.. 4? No real replay value.. and only good to play through once.. Tilt: I would give the game an overall 7 since it was good.. but not just "fair".. I had fun, which is a definate plus.. since I have played games that were not "fun". Total: Add all those scores up and it gives the game a 6.. a fair rating but I actually enjoyed it.. so I'll give it a 7.... call me crazy.. but I just can't see myself giving it a 6 for some weird reason..