bloody Sexy

User Rating: 7 | BloodRayne PC
The game is very fun. Although the story is very weak that you play as a super-hot half vampire chick who taken on the assignemnt to eliminate Nazi party. But you tend to ignore the brain-dead story becasue the action is really fun and fast pace. The game is one of the earliest game who use disamble body physic really well as you can see how you manage to cut or shoot emenies in pieces with blood splatting everywhere with they screaming in agony. However, the game use auto aimming system which there isn't a lot of technique that might differenate players' skill in this game except how fast you click the mouse and how to douge attack. The special skill you learn in the game such as zoom in vision, bullet time, and vision to see vital energy are really useless in combat, excpet the berserk mode that allow you to inflict heavy damage in a limited time.

The graphic is somewhat below the standard when it was published but it is forgivable.

Altough, the option menu indicates you can use a gamepad. But to collaberate the gamepad is simply impossible, I did somehow get it to work but the movement control is horrible. So you better stick with good old fashion mouse and keyboard which works really well (except some jump trick that you need to do to get from point A to point B). The game designer still make the same mistake in the sequel (God, they never learn).

Although the game is not perfect, but it worth to play for the lust of slaughtering.Thus I highly recommend to anyone who want to re-visit dated game.