A mix of action and great story is always welcomed!

User Rating: 8 | BloodRayne PC
Your name is Rayne and you are half-women,half-vampire and fortunately you are a good person though you are more likely a vampire
So, you are hired by brimstone society to investigate a mysterious plague in louisiana where people seem to turn in zombies,stuff like that,but when you reach your final objective(discover the source of the plague) you realize that something else happened and yes,it involves nazis known as the GGAA(i guess,in whatever case it was a society who is interested in somewhat holy relic).You recieve a list of the higher ranks in this society,their boss is known as Jurgen Wulf(if you played the game you know that he stabbed you in louisiana)
Gameplay:It's so fun!You can slice the enemies,jump high,use combos on them an and stuff like that,the game is very gory is one of the first games with this gore level and this feature made it a lot of fun.You can use your special attack called the bloodrage,once activated the screen will turn red and you'll be more powerful than before plus it slows down the time a bit,i think.
Beside the combos you have other abillities like slowing the time down(make the game a lot more easier) aura vision,the eye of beliar who give you the ability to to zoom the things up.But,like the other games it have some bugs and glitches that you cannot pass by so easy but overall the gameplay feels good and gives you the feeling that you are really powerful.
The game itself it's not creepy or scary so you don't have to worry about,well the enemies look great and they behave as well but there are some problems with the AI,they will not take cover or run if they have low life,they will simply run straight forward to you shooting with their guns or whatever weapons they have.To finish the game you need some hours,let's say about 15-20 hours and it can be highly addictive,personally I didn't leave the mouse and keyboard out of my hands for hours and hours playing like a zombie:brain-dead.

Graphics:Outstanding is the word,they look too great for 2003.Sure it have it's bugs that almost all the games have but there comes the big problem:LEVEL DESIGN+BLOODRAYNE=BOOOOOORIIIINGGGG!!!!!!There's nothing good to say about it,while in Louisiana may look good in the nazi chapters look awful,you can easily get lost in search for your hunt,plus it feels very annoying when you truly think that this is the good way and then you suddenly realize that you walked round about.

Value:The game is relaxing though and it's great to play when you don't have absolutely nothing to do,and it really scare away the boredom but it's not outstanding with such great games around him like Max Payne 2 or you know other games!