Awesomest game ever period

User Rating: 10 | BloodRayne PC
This Game is VERY underrated its actually pretty good

the story line is intriguing it is in no way unoriginal

It has a set of bosses that will astonish you. It has lots of gore so fans of gore games will LOVE this game The games music is very addicting as well

Graphics could have been better but Good graphics does not a game make.
The voices are amazing Raynes voice was great,Mynce's voice even greater, the butcheress,Jurgen Wulf, The doppelgangers,Hedrox and everyone else had pretty good voices only that the game would cut them off

This game is awesome i believe it is worth the money

its only nowadays about 5 bucks console port

I suggest if you LOVE vampires if you LOVE blood, If you LOVE killing nazis, and if you love fighting demons,mutants, and wacky bosses this is the game for you