A refreshing dip in the old-school.

User Rating: 8 | BloodRayne: Betrayal PS3
I am a player who is completely unfamiliar with the Bloodrayne franchise before this game. I'm a total newcomer to the brand, but I'm not going anywhere now.

This game has a great artistic style and solid graphics overall. The music is a mostly guitar metal, like the type not uncommon in Castlevania SOTN. Bloodrayne Betrayal feels like SOTN in alot of ways to me. BB consists of 15 chapters, and an online leader-board for comparing your scores with the best. And believe me, this game made me keep going back to get those high scores.

It's 2D platforming and it's very well done. There's added depth the further you progress in the form of learning new skills and receiving upgrades etc. There seems to be complaints from certain critics about the games controls, but I have found that they function very well, and have no complaints in that regard.

I wish there was more depth in the character customization options. It needs some RPG elements like equipment/spell options and more of a full-on Castlevania structure to the game.

If you like SOTN style games you will find a lot to love here. I honestly cannot wait to play the next game in the Bloodrayne line.