Casual players need not apply. This game will challenge you and it will take many retries. Must try the demo!

User Rating: 8 | BloodRayne: Betrayal PS3
This game is great for adults who seek out the challenge that they don't get from casual games who are made to please everyone. Controls need timing and even then its not 100% certain that your not going to get hit or die. The challenges need timing and some memory. The animations brings life to the game and the art is fantastic. Too bad there is no 2nd player or it would have been twice as good.

The story lacks and i wish there was depth into the combat system. You must try the demo as its not for everyone. If its frustrating for you then you probably should try something else. But if you enjoy the challenge and unfairness tossed at you too keep you on your toes then you have to buy it.

You have to use strategy to win certain fights because you cant expect to go through mobs by just pressing the attack button. There are various attacks and skills you can use to your advantage so use them appropriately.