Bloodrayne 2 really ShineZZZZzzzz!!! Better than the 1st

User Rating: 10 | BloodRayne 2 PS2
It really saddens me that BloodRayne 2 didnt get made into a trilogy and at least finish with a 3rd game but i have to tell you that it was one of the best games ive played on Playstation 2. Its full of gut renching action that will leave you wanting more. bloodrayne 2 in my opinion has only a few flaws. one is the whole doll-like enemies i dont like how when you hit them they frail around like lifeless dummys i wish they had a little more lifelyness to them but where that falls short the cutscenes and storyline does make up for it most def. Bloodrayne 2 ends off with BloodRayne defeating her father and killing all of his kids and now shes the "Queen" of this dark world but their are other dark forces out there with their eye on her and are getting ready to launch another attack. This is more then enough reason to make a third game but i doubt it will be another one made. This game def. is a good buy you will enjoy it but one thing i advise DO NOT WATCH THE MOVIES they are horrible!!! and will turn you away from the game

Rating: 10/10