No amount of average gaming can compete with the over-usage of blood, gore, way over done bad language and stupid story.

User Rating: 4 | BloodRayne 2 PS2
I thought this game would be at least decent, based on the first one. Instead, I found a game that seems more in to shocking the player than actually being a decent game. The game play is not always smooth, Rayne does not always respond quickly enough to avoid another bad comment and slice. The routes and puzzles/actions to take are not always clear (even in one of her various modes) and sometimes the rooms look identical that you wander around lost until you actually stumble on something that works. The story line itself is almost as poor as the quality of the English language.
The few good points do include some fun conversations that you can listen to from around a corner, and there are some good one-line combat comments (but not after the 100th time). The graphics are very nice enough, if you can stomach what they are showing.
My suggestion would be maybe rent it or buy it for a $1, turn on God Mode and play it after a bad day of work. Or better yet, just skip it and dont waste your time. There are far better games out there for stress relief.