Bloodrayne 2 is an M rated game for a reason and should not be missed by adults thirsty for some blood.

User Rating: 8.5 | BloodRayne 2 PS2
Story – 6.5/10
Gameplay- 8/10
Presentation- 5/10
Design- 7.5/10

Bloodrayne 2 which is developed by terminal reality is a sequel to the original game


Bloodrayne 2 revolves around a damphir named (half vampire half human )
Who is seeking revenge from Kagan her father (lord of damphirs)
For murdering her mother and family and also her adopted father,
Professor Trumain.She also desire to kill all her "siblings"
Sons and daughters of kagan and she intends to destroy kagans bloodline stating that she wishes to return the favor (killing her mother and family)


The gameplay in bloodrayne is very entertaining.
There are a variety of kicks and acrobatic moves that rayne can perform
She also has 2 swords which she usually uses for slicing and dicing and punishing her enemies. The attackes can be very brutal. Involving spinning enemies on one sword while slicing off their limbs with the other.Splitting enemies in 2 etc etc.
The player can also "feed" on enemies which involves drinking their blood.doing so will increase raynes health and combining feeding with the normal attacks can give the player stylish results.
Rayne also gets a set of guns
Which use blood as ammunition
The player has to Keep on filling the guns with blood which can be retrieved from fallen foes. If the guns are out of blood the guns will "feed" on the player slowly draining their life bar. This sets some tension into the player in a fight involving surprisingly large no of enemies. The player Is also able to throw enmies into sharp poles or other objects using a spear with a chain.

Presentation is something that bloodrayne isn't so good at. While the enemies look passable the enviorments and other objects don't have that much detail.
Considering the playstaion 2 it does a passable job
But not the best.

Design :
The level design of bloodrayne is very straight forward. If you are looking for exploration this is not the game for you.
The game moves at a steady pace requiring the player to eliminate wave after wave of enemies and throwing a few switches and destrying some objects along the way. The destruction of some objects are intresting. In these places the player will have to throw the enemies into the object which has to be destroyed. Like a fan or a garbage truck. The enmies get sliced and diced with blood flowing everywhere and finally cause the said object to finally explode.
This is a very intresting concept not seen in much games.
There are also segments where rayne slides down railes and pipes and these segments kinda makes you feel like your playing a tony hawk game :D.
Enemy diversity is not seen much in this game. With all raynes "victim" being either goth chicks or goth punks wielding deadly weapons.

Final thoughts:

Bloodrayne 2 while having some annoyances and repetivity is a surprisingly good game.
The game ends with a cinematic which points towards a third game in the series which has not been seen so far.
If you are looking for a bloody game on this is your bet.
The game is Rated M due to obvious reasons but all vampire fans and bloodthirsty gamers should try out this game