Was a great game but leaves us sad at the sequel that was intended but will never be due to copyright infringment.

User Rating: 9.5 | BloodRayne 2 XBOX
The game has a great story, a hot character, and lots of blood. But i wish they would have made a hot character that was ther own. What i mean is there will be no Bloodrayne 3 because Rayne is a ripp off. 2000AD made a comic character well before Bloodrayne was made call Durahm Red. Rayne is the spitting image, hair, face, even her clothes. so 2000AD sued Ternminal Reality and won, so no more Bloodrayne, wich sucks cause they left it open for a planed seaquel. Other then that the story is pretty good, the graphics rock for it's time and even though i know she's a knock off i still love her knockers. Also the bloodrayne series is connected to Terminal Realitys older creation nocturne. A hooded character in Bloodrayne sounds like Nocturnes protaganist and the Brimstone Society matches his old group. Also a castle from Nocturne is in Bloodrayne 1, so there could have been a crossover effect in Bloodrayne 3, but well never know now. Unless of course 2000AD gives them permission, but thats highly unlikly.