Greatest and Goriest Game I have Ever Played!

User Rating: 9.6 | BloodRayne 2 PS2
While this is the best game i have ever played... it could have been better in some minor ways. Hint, hint, i want the creators to make a third one.

I loved the gore it was wonderful. You enter a room and body parts go flying everywhere. It doesn't get any better than a sexy half-vampire doing what she does best.

The plot is nicely gothic and basically goes like this:
Rayne is the child of a vampire named Kagen. He is an evil vampire who raped Rayne's mother and killed all of her family just to ensure that Rayne would someday join him and destroy humanity.... well it didn't work. She fights guys like him now and belongs to an organization called the Brimstone Society. In the first game she fought Nazis and now she is fighting street thugs (of course later she fights some monster things). Good plot progression and some nice twists happening, like the vampire apocalypse actually happening. Which was one of the coolest parts of the game. **Sorry if i just ruined that part for some of you who haven't played it yet.**

The weapon assortment is pretty good. You get these strange guns that can change their function. I thought the weapons in the first game were more effective though because i had to use the cheats a few times to use the guns in this game as much as I wanted.
You get plenty of upgradable powers that when you start out the game you have the weakest version of all 4 of them. Each upgrade is cooler than the last and you get them at certain intervals in the games story.

When you beat the game there a lots of unlockables. There are lots of cool costumes... although too many of them are the dress in my opinion. i really liked the Dark Rayne outfit because it was gothic and fits the game well and also she gets really cool looking guns and blades.
Other unlockables are the level select and movie viewer and art viewer. Also the game has many good cheats that are worth a try.

I recommend this game for anyone interested in vampires or lots of blood and gore and wicked powers. Its just fun and if you are looking for a good time killing things get this game.