This extremely underrated game is more fun than ive had in quite a while

User Rating: 9 | BloodRayne 2 PC
let me start of by saying you must use cheats when playing this game. otherwise its hard and not nearly as fun. use god mode and one hit ko( the codes are GodMode-uber taint joad durf kwis. one hit ko-dodge this moist pimp)

for anyone who just wants to have fun this is the way to go. with both cheats enabled you can dice people up like carrots and blow them to bits with your very cool play as the badass vampire bloodrayne as she seeks revenge against kagan, the fater of nearly every vampire in existance. the levels are actually quite well done(exept for a few glitches wich can b sumwut annoying)and while linear,play very nicely. the main story is fairly long and took me around 13 hours to beat.grafics arent the best but wutever, i myself valu gameplay over looks. all in all a great deal(can get it on STEAM for 10 bucks) and i wud suggest this gory bloodfest to anyone who chooses to ignore gamespts unfair review