A true game of skill

User Rating: 9 | Bloodline Champions PC
Hi m8s. Bloodline Champions is the kind of game that scales 100% to your skill, unlike games where you can have better gear than your oponent, im not talking about MMOs, even in dota/hon a mediocre player can just farm neutral creeps and with a little support beat even good players that were ganked.

this game is all about skill:
there are skills which place a buff on you for 1 - 1.5 seconds which grant you the ability to avoid the next attack.
I use these skills with anticipation 99% of the time, but i've seen people who actually use them by reflex, pretty amazing.

all the skills are aimed by mouse.

but even if there's a lot of skill involved there's plenty of room left for mindgames.

only downside is you need to invest a little money at some point if u want to play all the heroes.

you get 2 of each class every week, temporary.
tank / healer / ranged / melee. atm I got only 2 heroes I bought + the 8 free ones, game doesn't get boring at all, especially since you could play the same hero for 20 games and only just scratch the surface of what they are about.

you get to play solo arena, where the matchmaking system makes teams of 3v3 .

you can make arena teams of 2v2 and 3v3 also and queue as a team.

eventually you reach your skill limit with some fluctuations, but you will eventually end up fighting enemies around your skill level so the game doesn't get boring.

I recommend this to anyone looking for a game of pure skill.