If World of Warcraft and Diablo 2 had a baby and it wanted to fight stuff it would be called Bloodline Champions.

User Rating: 8.5 | Bloodline Champions PC
Bloodline Champions is a simple pvp game run through a simple web interface GUI. The game gives you the option of playing with 20 different classes each with 6 skills related to the type of character they are. Generally the skills are simple but just enough in difference so you will have a hard time deciding which type of the class to play.

The game offers no single player other than playing alone against bots. You are required to have a connection to connect to the servers. You join one of many created rooms by players ranging from the US region to Europe region. You then battle it out in 1v1 all the way up too 5v5 in various arenas. The game modes are simple enough. You have conquest which is capturing points and trying to hold them. You have a capture the flag mode where you attempt to have 2 relics in your base at a time to score. You also have straight up killing for a fixed number or even 1 life till the last person on a team is dead. The game offers very little in targeting. your forced to make calculated aims which often will miss. You do have the option to fire in the direction a teammate player, but they normally move around which makes it difficult. As far as enemies you just have to aim the attacks well.

Overall the game is brilliant. The action is fast paced and you never know what to expect from fight to fight. Currently most people only have the first initial classes you begin with. This creates the feeling your doing the same thing over and over, but im sure once everyone begins opening classes you will see some serious fights at work. Bloodline Champions is a team based pvp game in its entirety. Its meant to be played with others to create a controlled group which when done correctly could dominate the leaderboards. I myself have only had the pleasure of playing with random people who fight to make a kill or show no teamwork. If your healer isn't healing your sure to be dead, but you may could have prevented that if you had killed the target beating on the healer.

Bloodline Champions is a simple pvp game. It comes in a small package of 238mb and does not require much in computer resources. Its something you will play casually as winning or losing doesn't offer many rewards. It just comes down to a simple game that is best played with friends.