Fun concept, kind of reminds me of Bomberman except... well.. different.

User Rating: 8 | Bloodline Champions PC
The game is very nicely detailed (and I do mean VERY) and as I said it's the bomberman style but with about 7 attacks per person, each making you halt to aim and shoot. You have to get used to the controls (or use a controller - preferred) but alternatively, it's a great game and very enjoyable. You should at least try it.

If you are looking to play it (you can play for free and get a free bloodline hero if you complete the little short 5 step challenge. You can do them against bots to speed through it... just don't mention I told you that. ;-p) But anyways, use this link and you will receive 5,000 free coins to use on emotes, costumes, heroes, items, stats, or whatever. Wish I'd known about the link when I started so be lucky I'm still sharing it. X-(