Hack and Slash fans rejoice!

User Rating: 8 | Bloodforge X360
Bloodforge fills the often "thirsty" hack and slash genre on the Xbox 360. And at only 800 Microsoft points, this Arcade exclusive is worth every penny.

The graphics can be compared to a graphic novel, and the dark, violent, age of Conan the Barbarian. And the comparison to Conan is solid since the name of our main guy, is Crom (i.e. Conan's god). And like the barbarian, Crom is a complete and utter bad ass, who was tricked by the gods to kill his wife. Thus, he sets out on a quest to avenge her death.

Now as a hack and slash fan and having played just about every game in said genre, Bloodforge is the only game that made me feel like an actual barbarian. Heads, and various other body parts will roll during the roughly 6 hours of game play, and for me, it was one heck of a bloody good time. I game away from every single battle, with blood lust satisfaction.

The sound effects and music are spot on, and serve to capture the feel of Crom's violent era. I especially loved the sounds of clashing steel, the death howls of the enemies, and the ripping effects of limbs coming loose from bodies.

During my play through I experience one glitch in Bloodforge. The game froze on me, and I had to restart. But that was it. I experienced no other glitches in this game. And I'm sure that a software patch from Microsoft will eventually address this issue.

Overall, Bloodforge is an enjoyable game that can only be appreciated, if bought, and played. This game is an instant classic that deserves a place in every hack and slash fan's game library.