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Hi all

I've been playing Bloodborne for a week now and have made it to Nightmare Mensis and the Micolash boss fight. I've encountered a glitch during the 2nd half of the fight.

Once Micolash loses half his health he teleports to a new part of the map. I duly follow him and then he uses one of the teleporting mirrors, as per normal. I run after by going to the staircase overlooking the room he's in, and jump down.

However, this is where the glitch comes in. Instead of running through the room and having the gate slam shut, as I've seen happen in game guides, he just endlessly runs around the map, teleporting from one teleport to the next.

No one seems to be talking about this online, so I assume it's not common, but I have seen a couple of Tweets about it. Has anyone else come across this?

Help would be appreciated.