Classic as always

User Rating: 8 | Blood Omen 2 PS2
I have all games in this series and my only complaint is why they did the Soul Reaver first before this one. The mapping for this PS2 game is quite interesting considering the age and genre of the game. I find myself playing it over and over finding new secrets and areas not yet explored. I would suggest playing the game first without the cheats and guide, but I do have to admit the walkthrough will help get through the game easier. Now a days you can buy the Paperback book at any GameStop for pennies on the dollar. For me it makes a good collection and shows in pictures what you're looking at in the game. This game is really strait forward and you are limited on where your journey takes you, but then again remember this is a PS2 game not the wide spectrum of PS3 age. If you enjoy Tomb Raider, third person type character games then this is an enjoyment for hours on end. If I were new to this series first play the first Blood Omen on PS1 then this game, then continue with the two Soul Reaver games then last with Defiance. That will give you the best chronological order of how the story goes. In the end all I can say with its twists and turns you'll find it like reading a book.

Enjoy and hope this helps.