If you like darkness and vampires than this is the game for you!!!

User Rating: 9.5 | Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen 2 PC
As it said in the classification the game is highly addictive I've passed it three times already since it was out.
The gameplay and combat system is great makes you fear powerful and like man i can kill anybody.
Graphics are great for its time and the soundtrack too.
The storyline is amazing and it goes like Kain the main character the one you play with was taking over Nosgoth and finally arrives at the Sarafan Keep. Sarafan (a group of humans sworn to rid Nosgoth of vampires). The evil guy the Sarafan Lord then battles Kain in the Sarafan Keep and Kain looses the duel that you discover later in the game that he had a magical stone and that Kain's sword was unable to harm him. Than Kain awakes centuries later to restore his former glory, kill the Sarafan Lord and rule Nosgoth only to discover that the Sarafan Lord is not human but alien that came through a portal from some sort of hell plain of existence.
Immersive and highly addictive this game is sorted in one of the best vampire games ever.
Even if years passed from its release i still recommend you try it if you didn't already.