A great game nice storyline and a well created caracter.

User Rating: 9 | Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen 2 PC
The Blood Omen 2 is a great game nice story and game-play
but the most impressive is the main character Kain, in this game he is even more impulsive, arrogant and bloodthirsty now you need all the blood you can get in order to become stronger so evryone who plays the game will have a bloody impulse to kill evrything, the gameplay is a little slow and the combat menu is a little poor too but once you start playing you will get used to the combat
menu.The places are great and well created you get to see the city of Meridian inside-out with all his aspects form the lower parts of town to the Upper quoter and the Sarafan Keep, the main enemys in the game are the Sarafan, a order who hunts down vampires the order is lead by the Sarafan Lord he is a creature from a different world part of an ancient race who was once bannished by the vampires and now they want revenge, you will meet some of them in the game and the ultimate enemys are the Traitor Vampires and the Sarafan Lord at the end, form each vampire you gain a special ability wich allows you to control people's minds or to jump very far or to fight very fast.
In conclusion I can say that despite it's slow game-play and combat menu Blood Omen 2 is a great game with a nice story and it's worth playing.