User Rating: 6.3 | Blood Omen 2 PS2
And if you thought Soul Reaver 2 was a rushjob, wait til you see this. Blood Omen 2 does not do its predecessor any justice. Even long-time Kain fans will be sorely disappointed with the way Blood Omen 2 turned out. Taking place many years after BO1, Kain's forces is defeated in the city of Meridian by a revived Sarafan army. Kain is defeated in combat by the Sarafan Lord who takes his Soul Reaver and leaves him for dead. A century later, Kain awakensto find the vampire race nearly wiped out, sans a small resistance called the Cabal, led by someone who's existence in BO2 causes a plot hole in itself. The game has a decent story, but its mere existence creates a massive plot hole in the whole LoK story. It seemed as if Crystal Dynamics ignored BO2 when developing Defiance, because a major plot hole in that game is created because of the events of Blood Omen 2. The voice acting here is just good, but Kain is never given a chance to say anything that puts him over as this badass that he's marketed to be. There's also the occasional audio screwup. The gameplay is very weak. It consists of you going from point A to point B in each level. The fighting in this game is weak - just tap Block everytime the enemy throws an attack (and enemies will always fight one at a time), then attack. Drain blood of dead victim, take weapon, repeat. All of the puzzles in this game are a piece of cake to solve. Along the way you'll beat former lieutenants of Kain's army and gain their power, but they don't add any new gameplay elements other than opening doors or whatnot. The one solid gameplay element is the ability to transform into Mist and stealth kill enemies. Blood Omen 2 isn't a paticularly great game. Kain fans will buy it regardless of score, but they will surely be disappointed.