An omen you would never forget. The life of the mortals is in your bloody hands. *evil laugh* Mwahaha!!!

User Rating: 9.5 | Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen 2 PC
In Blood Omen 2, you play as Kain, the mentor and rival of Raziel from the Soul Reaver series. The 2 games don't share any connection in this title as far as I know it.
Kain was once a mighty vampire leading an army of fellow vampires against the Sarafan Lord and his baldy minions. After being defeated, Kain lost all his powers, allies, and his weapon, the Soul Reaver.
You start of using just your claws as weapon. Then you can take wield weapons like clubs, short swords and large axes. One bad thing about weapons is that you cannot do much about it but attack and defend. You can't throw, drop, or make cool combo hits like in the Raziel does in the Soul Reaver games.
Feast yourself with the blood of you enemies like local thugs, female thieves and at the later part of the game,giant arachnids and grim reaper look alike enemies OR innocent men and women begging for your lordly mercy IF you would spare them or not. The ideal choice is obviously the 2nd one because your health saps down slowly without a yummy blood juice but the choice is still yours to decide :) You can use your vampire abilities like burning them to toast instantly, using the power of the mist to make yourself invisible and do a 1-hit deadly move on them. Be creative and make your own style.
The level design is poorly done though. Certain stages look alike, looking gloomy and dark. Some you need to use you wit in order to surpass. Others, you need finger-swiftness and timing if you don't want to drown!!
Boss fights are the best. First you should find out their weaknesses of course, like any boss fight in most games. While doing so, you should use your agility to dodge their deadly moves and the environment to your own advantage. The reason why this is the best part, is probably because of the right fight timing and tension-rising moments plus the evil background music. By defeating bosses, you gain their skill which they use to pacify you to hell while fighting them!!
All in all, a good act. adv. game with a nice plot filled with betrayal, power and vengeance. So play it and relish your thirst for blood and revenge!!!