Trading Familiars!

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I'm looking for anything, but no ridiculous offers though. Ghis ** and Black Cat Knight *** are what I'm more interested in. Below are the things I'm willing to trade. Manticore *** Enraged Flame Ogre II **** Bifrons, the Fallen Earl II **** Pegasus, the Light Divine **** Guillaume, Inquisitor * Uther, Arbiter * Colossus II ** Minotaur * Pouliquen, Archibishop II **** Pouliquen, Archibishop *** Gargoyle * Neuri, Wolfman * Cat Sith Aristocrat *** Griffin II ** Pan of the Flute II **** Anzu * I will tell you the stats with the one you're interested in. Just drop me a PM.
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can exchange Anzu1* ?