Red Samurai skills

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Hi All, I was reading through the recent threads relating to the adding of new skills to the warlord. I have a mix of skills but no really high tier ones so wondered what you might suggest would suit. Before the refunded everything I had rush, scythe and shield rend but I have the options of Guile of Runes Strength of Blades II Shield Rend Cloak and Dagger Scythe < Guivere x2> Rush Charge Hellfire Whorle of Wisdom Torrent of Venom I also have Galahad but before they locked it down you couldn't use his skills. I keep switching from WIS to Ago parties etc with nothing working that great so any help would be great :o) Thank you
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forgot to say any suggestions of brigade once the skills/familiars have been added to the Samurai would be great. I have 2x Gordon 2 x Guivere Pan Esmereld Cat Cerberus 2 x Wledic Unicorn Manticore CoCo