Invite ID Exchange - Large reward ! ! !

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#1 Posted by Hulk_H0dn (25 posts) -
Follow my invite and enter my ID when asked after completing the tutorial for large rewards. My ID is: xqQ7e Enter this ID and both of us earn a powerful familiar as reward. Thanks in advance.
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#2 Posted by Hulk_H0dn (25 posts) -
U can also leave your own ID here for exchange --- Spread the power
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#3 Posted by mograe (25 posts) -
74X9eW Thanks!
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#4 Posted by amylioness (25 posts) -
please !!! i can not figure out how to invite or even enter any codes ... please any help in here and here is my id 7NjrWK
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#5 Posted by SangM (25 posts) -
Mine is 72Mz7R Thanks!
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#6 Posted by kylerichjohn (25 posts) -
20 spots left ID: 7Nu7ke
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#7 Posted by kylerichjohn (25 posts) -
P.S. I am level 86 and am playing all day.
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#8 Posted by JusticeFromSeed (336 posts) -

My ID: 72EqyY

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#9 Posted by bloodbro48 (25 posts) -
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#10 Posted by paladinzero45 (25 posts) -
can I enter more than one id? I don't know how if it's possible. anyway mine is 74q1YJ
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#11 Posted by jade3 (25 posts) -
my ID: 781vuT Cheers!!!
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#12 Posted by Kcorrea77 (25 posts) -
Please spread the love. 7YdeP2 invite
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#13 Posted by Argleblarg (25 posts) -
I hope I can get a minotaur, they seem great. 7UrwCK is mine.
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#14 Posted by naiser928 (25 posts) -
My ID is fyTpQ
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#15 Posted by trix_r_for_kids (25 posts) -
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#16 Posted by shimbear (25 posts) -
ID: 7bdXEM
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#17 Posted by spatanger (25 posts) -
Mines 7UB3Gz
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#18 Posted by Eson44 (25 posts) -
7RiRav is me!!!
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#19 Posted by jokumh (25 posts) -
7GHwr1 please add :)
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#20 Posted by phoenixmckenna (25 posts) -
Use any of these invite codes: 7RdX8P 7RvYVz 7Rv4xy 74K1m7 FsbV6 aHzB8
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#21 Posted by xantss (25 posts) -
Add me Please, let's win powerful familiar together! ID: t3rMr
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#22 Posted by Zimmander (25 posts) -
Use mine for an awesome familiar :D 7RmDvX
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#23 Posted by cave_manner (25 posts) -
new player please invite 7R3pns help me
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#24 Posted by eazy-e-cpt (25 posts) -

Enter  7bsu4m . Then add me  on the game ^_^ thanks.

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#25 Posted by solosi01 (25 posts) -
any can say me how add anothere players?
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#26 Posted by solosi01 (25 posts) -
My id add me plss :) 7RTuL4
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#27 Posted by anthoward50 (25 posts) -
V4nN8 add me please!!
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#28 Posted by viapurifico (25 posts) -


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#29 Posted by sanser (25 posts) -


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#30 Posted by graviton818 (25 posts) -
Let's at least be honest with the new players please. entering an invite code does NOT get the player who enters it a killer familiar, it gets them some gold coins, and a few pact coins (silver pacts i believe). The person who owns the invite code used gets a minotaur or 3 scarlet tokens (if enough people use invite id). Now that the truth is out, any new players looking to help an honest player who has the new player's best interest at heart, please use this code: aLm1G Also, feel free to communicate with me in game. my in-game username is graviton818.
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#31 Posted by graviton818 (25 posts) -
FYI to the new players, entering an invite ID does NOT get you a familiar, it gets you some gold coins and a few pact tokens (silver I think). The player who owns the used invite ID gets a minotaur. That being said, if you're a new player and want to help an honest player (and help yourself at the same time) please use the invite code: aLm1G Feel free to communicate with me in-game through my board. username is graviton818
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#32 Posted by FOBmotors (25 posts) -
Invite me :D 7xbnlw lvl134
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#33 Posted by unknownhavoc (25 posts) -
My invite ID is: 7RCdaR Thanks so much im sending out all of yours! Hit me back!
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#34 Posted by aguy59 (25 posts) -
7YeNqL please!
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#35 Posted by hollatae (25 posts) -
Invite for rewards.....7wUpCw
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#36 Posted by Thenotorious076 (25 posts) -
7UGGzi plss invite me
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#37 Posted by fordachase (25 posts) -
*781WRx***781WRx***781WRx* BELIEVE ME, YOU WANNA USE THIS INVITE ID LARGE REWARD FOR ME AAANND YOU!!! LOOKIN FOR Pumps, CyclopsMagus, Lugh, Eton, Odin, Grim *781WRx* TRADING 10k,atkLion4 Rodion Garg Pump2 Xeno4 Sita3 Mantic3 CatSid CatNob Pollux4 Bifro2 Rave2 Sword2 Marg1*2* Yeti2 Adept2 F.Ogre 781WRx, DO IT
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#39 Posted by safelandin (25 posts) -

Blood Brothers invite id gift

add me please 



thank you, see you in game

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#40 Posted by asmyth11 (25 posts) -
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#41 Posted by hardbender (25 posts) -
Hello! My ID is oGi1K Please add me, thank you! :)
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#42 Posted by bobeight (25 posts) -

I am qXCz2

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#43 Posted by SnowCrasher (25 posts) -

I entered one of you. :)

My ID is XTX9X.

Spread the love!

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#44 Posted by Imperatoris6 (25 posts) -
Invite ID 7RP66g
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#45 Posted by rrrpanecake (25 posts) -
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#46 Posted by graviton818 (25 posts) -
Don't believe ANY of the claims of "enter my ID and get a huge familiar". They are simply NOT TRUE. The truth is this... After completing the tutorial you will be given a chance to enter an invite ID. If you do, the person who owns the ID you use WILL be given a powerful familiar. You the invitee will be given 10000 gold, 5 copper pact tokens (which can award you common, uncommon, rare, or **very seldom** an epic), and 3 silver pact tokens (which can award you common, uncommon, rare, or **a little more often than copper** an epic). That is what you receive for using an invite ID. Still worth putting one in though, because it does give you a little bump of help and power to start with. That being said, if you would like to help an honest, friendly player feel free to use the following invite ID aLm1G I will also attempt to answer any questions about the game you might have if you post them to my in-game board. Happy gaming :D
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#47 Posted by TheJButton (25 posts) -
7cqVif how do we input this stuff?
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#48 Posted by koko123 (25 posts) -

7WCPHu and youll get laid!

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#49 Posted by screamknight (25 posts) -
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#50 Posted by Prodriven82 (25 posts) -
Spread the joy of sharing! My Blood Brothers Invite ID: 7ZcVY9 Key in my ID today!!! Peace!!! :-)