Great fun, and highly addictive. I can't help but get attached to my teams as they progress.

User Rating: 9 | Blood Bowl PC
A great game, very true to the original board game. Although some small technical issues and slow loading times this does not take away from the sheer addicitveness and uniqueness of the game. Also the developers are clearly still improving the systems.

I would strongly recommend this game! finally a game with strategy and tactics which you can really see and feel the effects of.

It is like chess with massive violence, and as the teams progress and gain experience it changes the way you use them and just increases the fun

You can play as a range of different races all with very different tactical advantages. From the hard to knock down dwarfs, to the lithe and agile elves and then the clear stupidity of the goblins with either secret (and illegal) weapons.
Who would imagine a tiny green goblin wielding a chainsaw on the pitch.

The hotseat version of muliplayer is excellent as you play 2 players on the same PC and is fun against family and friends.. especially recommended for playing against kids as turn based so you can teach and explain the rules