American Football, Olde World style!

User Rating: 8.5 | Blood Bowl PC
I should start by giving full disclosure. I have been playing Games Workshop table-top games for over 11+ years now. I have also spent a year working for Games Workshop at the retail level.

That stated, if you have ever played Blood Bowl the table-top version and enjoyed it you should be quite happy with this offering from Cyanide. The turn-based version of this game IS the point of the game, at least in my view. Practically everything from the board game is there. I'm just glad they left out moving the turn counter as I was that player who had to put a sticky note up to remind me to do so at the start of every turn!

The attention to sound detail is pretty good too. I like that with every action that would culminate in a dice roll on the board game you hear a dice roll effect. When you near the goal line you hear a rise in the level of the cheering of the fans. When you lay a bone crunching, intestine shaking block on another player, you hear the collision. Even the commentary between the "sportscasters" it a bit funny, though, after you've played the game for several hours it seems to get a bit repetitive. That said, I still keep them on. I get a kick out of "Bob" wanting to go buy a Big Moot sandwich just to get next to the "elf beauties" and I have found myself saying the line "that's what we like to see, more of it!" in many situations outside the game.

Rare has there been a game made on an established IP that I have played that in my eyes actually lived up to the IP. Rare is the time, lately, that I have purchased a computer game and felt I got more than my money's worth out of it. Blood Bowl satisfied both of those measurables and then some.