Now if only regular football was played like this.

User Rating: 8 | Blood Bowl PC
Why can't regular football be like this? I mean if it was then there ratings would be through the roof and the peoples blood lust would be tempered. Well at least the made this.

For anyone who has played the Games Workshop miniature version of this game then there isn't much that is going to surprise you. But, for those who haven't then you in for a good time. This violent spectacle of a sport will have you cheering and screaming as whatever team you play attempts to maim, pummel, bludgeon, and dismember your way to a touchdown.

With a wide variety of teams all with there own strengths and weaknesses you will have no shortage of new tricks to try. The graphics aren't that great and the tutorial doesn't seem to answer all the questions, but these shortcomings don't hinder the fun that much.
All in all Blood Bowl lives up to its name and will provide many hours of good fun.