Welcome to your new Hobby! Not just a new game to play for 20 hours and forget about. This game means business!

User Rating: 9 | Blood Bowl PC
1st off let me say this.

I love turn based games and tactical RPGs.

If you don't like turned based tactical RPGs, then I won't be able to convince you.

On the other hand, if you like the idea of combining things like American Football, Final Fantasy Tactics, Heroes of Might and Magic, or Warhammer, then you are in luck.

Based directly off of the long standing table top game Blood Bowl, this is a faithful recreation of the excellent team building tactical RPG.

The PC game boasts an excellent campaign mode that I would recommend doing before delving into the healthy competition online.

Granted you need to do the tutorials and play the game on easy and swallow your pride for a few hours, but I really believe that it can become a new hobby
(not just a game, but a hobby innitofitself).

The community is there to help you and is full of tactical wisdom and this will be a game that you can play for years.

Enjoy yourself and Try something new!