very good game done right

User Rating: 8 | Blood Bowl PC
After so many year it's difficult to figure why it took so long for someone to transpose Blood Bowl into a good computer game. After the awful 1995 versio, I finally have something to replace my overused boardgame.

The game replicate to an amazing level, the thrill of playing the board game. The single player campain is really fun and the multiplayer is solid. You really get a sens of building a team and you get attached to your player. When a particularly strong and developped player get kill, you really get to hate the other team and rivalery is then created.

On the weak side, you should note that the realtime mode is really nothing more than a bad madden football game with no strategy and ridiculus scores. I would have thought that playing the game in this mode would have shorten the rather long time it need to get a game finished but it's not really the case. In the future, I hope Cyanide will have the "Beach Blood Bowl" version to shorten the match because, while it's fun to play online, it's way too long, needing sometimes an hour to complete one match. But since it's the time it take to play the real game, we shouldn't complain.

The other weak point, and on that point I'm really disapointed, is the uniform customization tool. In the time of Spore and Sim 3, Dawn of war and in a game where table top player almost pass as much time to paint their little figurine than to play the actual game, I would have thought that you would have much more customization tool. I sure hope that the community will come up with different ways of doing it as they did with Chaos League

For newcomer, this game is a really good way to learn how to play blood bowl. There are plenty of indicators to show you the consequences of each move you make and the tutorial is not bad.

Graphicly speaking the game look good if not cutting edge. The in game animations are rather dull and repetitive. The sound is not bad but I sometimes have difficulty understanding the comments of the commentary guys who sometimes make good in game action jokes.

All in all, it's a really tood game that will surely see some expansion in the futre. Altough it ship with enough races to have fun for a while, it would be great to see the arrival of the vampire and all the other fun races the table top game has.