As a long-time Blood Bowl player, I believe this game gets the gameplay just right.

User Rating: 8 | Blood Bowl PC
Lots of small issues to complain about: interfaces are poorly designed, hooking up multiplayer games is needlessly difficult, and the resource requirements are steep.

They nailed the core gameplay, though, which is what this game is all about. I've played Blood Bowl for many years, I love the game, and this CG version really captures it well.

If you like strategic boardgames, I believe you'll really enjoy this game. If you enjoy Blood Bowl offline, this really is that on the PC.

I've struggled to set up multiplayer games - the interface here is particularly bad. The public league shows many other online teams, but the only option you have is to "challenge" other players, which always ends in the game telling you it has timed out. They need to enable a simple system where you define what type of game you are willing to play, and it automatically matches you up with another player. For private leagues the challenge system works, but for those seeking to play another team around the same level, it should be easier.