I was afraid that Cyanide would screw this game, but it came out as a very good final product!

User Rating: 9.5 | Blood Bowl PC
First of all, let me tell you that I never played the Table Top game "Blood Bowl", and I hadn't heard about it untill I first saw the first previews of this game. So this review consists only on the Videogame, no comparisons exist with this and the tabletop.

I was very surprised when I started playing this game. I had seen lots of trailers, and I had an idea how it would look like, but the real game is just better than the trailers!

There is a contagious comic spirit about this game, which goes extremely well with the "brutal" violence we see. The characters are funny on their way (specially the goblins), all the 8 races are very distinctive from each other, and the game has a very high replay value. It's so funny to see a Troll throwing a goblin on the pitch :D

The two different gameplay types, Turn-Based and Real Time are very distinctive from each other, and tactics that apply to one don't necessarily apply to the other. But you may expect to see some intensive action on real time, and a more "brain-game" on the Turn-Based.

The only thing that has disappointed me so far is the Voice Acting. It's very good and funny for the first hours of gameplay, but then you start noticing that it just keeps repeating itself. About the graphics, they are good, nothing that is worth noticing.

Also worth mentioning that Cyanide is already proving her support to the player community, as 2 patches have already been released by the time I made this review.

-High replay value
-Comic spirit combined with the BloodBowl violence
-Warhammer inspired world
-Two distinctive gameplay types
-8 distinctive races

-Repetitive voice acting
-Inducements somehow "punish" you for being a good player
-Only available for Digital Download in most countries for now, being the Box version released in September

Conclusion: The game has it's flaws, specially related to the not so user-friendly Multiplayer Interface, but they do not hinder your overall gameplay experience.