A game that live up to the first part of its name blood but there does not seem to be a bowl in sight.

User Rating: 8 | Blood Bowl PC
Blood Bowl Is a table top game where two players fielding a team of 11 players with upto 5 other team mates to act as subs due to the nature of the game and well the nature of how many players (the people on the board) get hurt during the game. The computer game of the same name is prety much the same (talking about the PC version) you get to pick from upto 9 teams and each of them teams or races have a differant style of play and differant types of players to go for. The differant races/teams are:

Wood Elves
Dark Elves

Now with this being based off a table top game and with other games like it out there (dawn of war) you would think that they would have taken the same sort of changes here...and in a way they have. There is the RTS mode which plays in real time and plays nothing like what the table top version does. Sort of like how down of war does not show how a real game of W40K should look like or play like. Then there is the real mode the TBS where each team takes turns. The game is split into two halfs of eight turns. Each team in that time must get hold of the ball and make it down to the end to get a Touchdown.

Now unlike most TBS games you (most of the time) are not realy in control of when your turn ends as most actions are sorted out by dice rolls. Be it tackling passing the ball picking up the ball and so on. A fail on any of these dice roles will cause a turnover in which the other player can start there turn. Now this is an important part of this game as it forces the players to think a few steps ahead and be ready for slip ups as they will happen. With it being a game more based off the lucky of the dice rather than the skill of the player (you can get better over time with tactics but them dice will always find a way to get you) that makes it an easy game to get into but a hard one to master.

Blood Bowl came out for the Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS and was released June 26, 2009 (PC Digital Download), November 2009 (Xbox 360)[2], PC retail (rest of world).

Also around the time of November 2010 Cyanide Studios announced Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition. This will have some fixes to the game and it seem that it will add 12 more teams to the mix. So if you a fan of the table top game or like games like that then give this a go as it is alot of fun and can and will eat away at any free time you might have as you try to build your team.