Know what you're getting. It's not for everyone.

User Rating: 8 | Blood Bowl PC
First off, if you have never played the Games Workshop tabletop game, don't buy this. You will have no idea what's going on and you will get frustrated. If you are familiar with the tabletop game, then it's worth it to check this game out. Nothing will beat the tabletop version but if you want the convenience of not having to paint your minis and finding an opponent easily online, then it's worth getting.

The mechanics are pretty much like the tabletop version. It's turn based and every move's outcome is determined by dice rolls. If you need to know all the rules then you must read the official rulebook (which is downloadable from Games Workshop and about 100 pages long!). Like i said, you need to know the tabletop game to know what's going on. The game does a good job utilizing all the rules and staying true to the game. the turnovers are still there (which is perhaps one of the most ingenious rule in all of gaming) so you really have to think moves out. gameplay-wise, this is as true to the game as you can get and that's a good thing.

the graphics are pretty basic. pretty much playstation 1 or 2 type graphics. you're pretty much playing game pieces on the board and the cut-scenes are nothing special.

the interface is a little clunky but not as bad once you get used to it. occassionally you might click on the wrong thing and that will mess your entire turn (remember, turnovers kill!). The online interface is a little confusing. it could've been a lot better.

the customization in this game is pretty good. you can buy inducements and rent out star players. again the interface can be a little confusing but it can be figured out. the customization is very good in this game.

overall, this game is very addicting if you are a fan of the board game. if are not familiar with blood bowl, don't get this game. play the tabletop game first then buy this pc version.