Although it fixes your BB fix, the game is too easy, too bug-filled yto be as enjoyable as it could be right now.

User Rating: 7.5 | Blood Bowl PC
I must say this right away: I'm a huge tabletop fan and already sold to this game.

However, the skills are bogus, the Ai is weak to the extreme and this makes the game not as enjoyable as it could be on the solo mode. All that being said, the online mode is really fun and the quality of worldwide opponents is a great challenge.

Tabletop fanatics should take note that some items aren't there, like weather, inducement cards and not all the star players, although the additioin or Morg let us think they are up and coming.

Races aren't all there as well, but it should only be a matter of time.

Many mods are available, I must admit I haven't tried any yet.

I gave a 7.5 cause I'm totally sold to Blood Bowl, but I could understand someone not knowledgeable of the original game to give a lower score, since it is a bit buggy as of now.