Stays true to the basics of the original but the randomizer and lack of customization make the game fall far short

User Rating: 6 | Blood Bowl X360
I have been an avid player of the table top game for 18 years. I was excited that after a couple of other real poor attempts to create a video game based on the table top game they finally were able to do so. The game contains some major glitches. One of which is a critical one. On a blitz action the blitzing player can continue to move... However he may not make another blitz. This has happened to me twice in campaign mode.

The glaring problem with the game is the random dice generator.
It is completely broken. After playing for a while (35 games or so) and noticing it. We ran a test. In one game a skaven team (high agility) Made 2! successful actions.... in 16 turns..... WITH REROLLS. That equates to 28 FAILED actions.... Not true to the game at all. As with any game that uses dice or playing card random generators... Computers are not random. Dissapointing but still a playable game if you need a blood bowl fix. Just do not take it seriously at all.