Old school board game fans let go your inner Fanatic!

User Rating: 7 | Blood Bowl X360
The graphics are passable, the game is cheesy but in that rustic fromage kinda way, not the "Get that smelly limberger outta' here."

Right off the hop, the best way to play this game is the turn-based way. If you loved the original game then this is simply a virtual version thereof. Right down to the sound of dice rolling in the cup. It feels bang on. the onlt thing missing is the git on the other side of the table mooching your potato chips.

The Dark Elf team is missing from the x-box version but is playable on the pc. maybe for DLC??

Overall a fun mind bending experience for fans. For those new to Blood Bowl Go to your local hobby shop or comic shop and buy the board game first. Just don't expect to have an awesome sports sim with this. You'll love it if you expect the board game. If not, find Madden and set injuries to "frequent"