Mortal Kombat on the Gridiron!

User Rating: 8 | Blitz: The League II PS3
This game is definately worth playing. It doesn't get boring and the pace of the game moves well. The injuries you can inflict on your opponent are nice and gruesome (especailly the ruptured scroatum). If Midway makes a third game in this series maybe they can top the ones in this game.

My only minor complaints are that some of the gameplay is recycled from the original game on PS2. If one player is attempting to make a regular tackle you CANNOT assist with the tackle which I think is a flaw in the game. and they could have added more games to the schedule. The format that THE LEAGUE uses would never fly in real life, but for a video game it works. I just wish that the storyline would have been bigger. 8 games in a season is not very realisitc even for a made up football league. Blitz THE LEAGUE is still a good game nonetheless.