Very fun and addictive.

User Rating: 9 | Blitz: The League II X360
If your tired of games like madden where you want to punch one of the players the steal your ball this is definitely the game for you.

This game is very very fun it is pretty arcade but all and all its a great game.

Graphics 9-10 (could have been a bit better)
Sound 9-10 ( Announcers get a bit annoying with saying the same thing over and over again after a while)
Controls 8-10 (Controls are good however some times the game glitches out on the AI and causes them to skip a big part of the field)

The game gets very hard in some parts where I believe there should be different difficulty settings.

This game is very fun because you can injure just about any one you want.

The game has a great story line I am sure you won't get board at least for a few days of owning it.

I am sure you will love this game if you buy it.